Resolution Guidelines for Equipment and Service Donations

Martin Schulze joey at finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE
Tue Aug 10 15:21:36 UTC 1999

Christoph Lameter wrote:
> > The idea is, if the donor has a preference they should be able to specify
> > the terms of their donation. If we do not like the terms then we should turn
> > down the donation. But I think that we would miss out on some large donations
> > if we don't offer some sort of gaurantee of use.

Agreed.  If the donor wants to limit the donation to certain uses
he needs to be able to do so.  We already accept moneytary (sp?)
donations limited to certain projects.  We should do the same
with other donations.  I agree, that if we don't want to accept
such terms, we need to refuse the donation.

> Donations are troublesome if we need to keep track of them and the

Agreed as well.

> conditions of use and we do not have the resources for such a buerocracy.

Then we need to refuse such donations.  However, we have our guidelines
and by-laws etc. that limit donations to certain uses.  If the donor
wants to limit the donation even stronger, we need to discuss this
with him and see what happens.



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