Resolution Appointment of DPL as Advisor to the BOD

Martin Schulze joey at finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE
Wed Aug 4 19:31:02 UTC 1999

Nils Lohner wrote:
> [This resolution gives the current DPL a position of advisor to the board of 
> directors.  This position was defined in a previous resolution.  
> Comments/changes welcome.  --Nils]

Generally I appreciate this and consider it a good idea.  However I
do not want to make this singular for Debian.  I'd like to invite
the Gnome Project Leader (currently: Miguel de Icaza) as well.

> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Resolution
> Appointment of Debian Project Leader as Advisor to the BOD
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> RECOGNIZING that the Debian Project plays a large and active role in the 
> Free Software community, and
> NOTING that comments and criticism from large Free Software projects will 
> enable SPI to maintain its goal of furthering the development of software,
> The SPI Board of Directors hereby resolves to:
> APPOINT the Debian Project Leader to the position of Advisor to the SPI 
> Board of Directors with the rights and privileges thereof.

Please ensure that it is clear that only the current DPL is a
special advisor per se.  If the DPL changes (once every year)
another person will be this special advisor.  The same would
apply to the GPL.



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