[DRAFT] Projects Committee Charter

Nils Lohner lohner at debian.org
Mon Aug 2 20:59:27 UTC 1999

[This is a first (very rough!) draft for the projects committee charher.  
The general charter outine should be followed for all committee charters 
since similar issues will need to be addressed for all committees.  Please 
comment on the general outline as well as on the content of this particular 
charter.  Thanks. --Nils]

Project Committee Charter

  A charter is hereby granted for the formation and operation of a committee 
within the guidelines and objectives stated herein.  The committee is 
responsible to the membership and board of directors of the organization.

Purpose of the Committee

- evaluate offers of or requests for assistance 
- make recommendations of support to the board for a vote (when necessary)
- 'simple' services should not need a board vote and should be granted 
fairly easily
- 'complex' services need to be voted on by the BOD and should be granted 
after more consideration

Examples of Services

 Simple services consist of commonly used resources for projects.  Complex 
services consist of resources and assets that must be mor etightly 

Below is a list of possible services offered, ordered from simple to more 
complex services.

FTP server
Web server
Mailing lists

CVS developerment server (no anonymous access)
CVS anonymous server (possible heavier load)

Monetary management
Monetary assistance

Intellectual Property Management
Legal Resources

Operating Guidelines

  The committee shall operate openly in the view of the public whenever 
possible, but may, at the discretion of the commitee members, operate 
privately from time to time if this is deemed necessary.

Membership and Organization

  This committee will be run by a chairman who is appointed by the board.  
The chairman and the board have the power to add members to the committee.  
Committe members may only be removed by a vote of the board of directors.

  The members of the committee are responsible for the operation of the 
committee, and may, at their discretion, enlist the help of other members of 
the organization.

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