Voting in the 2006 Board member election is open

David Graham - SPI Secretary cdlu at
Sat Jul 15 02:03:44 UTC 2006

This is a formal announcement that voting for the 2006 Board member
election has begun.

Voting is only open to contributing members.

To vote, please go to:

Select the 2006 board election, and cast your ballot.

You can change your ballot as many times as you want until the close of
voting at the end of July 28th, 2006.

For full information about this election, including the names and
platforms of the candidates and other related information, please see:

Results will be announced on July 29th (or July 30th - I will be out of
town the 29th). The officers will be selected at the next board meeting on
August 1st, 2006.

David Graham, SPI Secretary
cdlu at   D5F45889

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