Board of directors membership election

Wichert Akkerman secretary at
Thu Oct 23 12:26:57 UTC 2003

The board of directors of Software in the Public Interest has three
vacancies which need to be filled. At its last meeting the board
accepted resolution 2003-10-14.iwj.6 which regulates an election to
fill those positions and which temporarily reappointed Ian Jackson and
Martin Schulze to fill two vacancies for the next ninety days, or until
elected new members are installed, whichever comes earlier.

The election will be done using the same procedure as used for the
previous election. The voting procedure will be as follows:

* From October 23 to end of November 6 (UTC) contributing members
  can declare their candidacy by submitting a position statement to
  the SPI secretary at secretary at .

* From November 7 to end of November 21 (UTC) contributing members can
  vote on the candidates.

Votes will be counted using the "Condorcet" election method system which
will be used to select the most preferred candidate. Conceptually, the
election will be broken into a a series of pairwise races between each
possible paring of the candidates. If one candidate beats each of the
others in pairwise races, that candidate wins. Otherwise, the
"Cloneproof/Schwartz Sequential Dropping" method is employed to choose
the most preferred candidate from those remaining. Some background
reading on preferential voting and Condorcet is available online at .


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