Resolution 2003-03-11.iwj.1

Wichert Akkerman secretary at
Tue Apr 1 19:12:35 UTC 2003

The following resolution has been accepted by the Board of Directors
of Software in the Public Interest:

Resolution 2003-03-11.iwj.1


  The SPI board alias has been swamped by large volumes of
  discussion.  This discussion has been very interesting to many
  board members, but the quantity makes mailboxes used for normal
  board business difficult to use for some board members.


 The following solution:

 * A new alias
      board-private at
   which starts out with the current recipient list of board at .

 * board-private traffic may include all traffic _except_:
     - Debate of any kind which is being contributed to by
       or is CC'd to any third party.  A third party is someone
       without a direct official connection to either SPI or the
       question at hand.

 * board-private is a restricted email address.  It may only be
   mailed to by board members or advisers or with specific permission
   of board members, and people who should not mail to it should not
   be CC'd on mail to board-private.

 * If board-private starts to be abused, then lightweight technical
   measures should be taken to restrict posting to board members and

 The Secretary is asked to implement this as soon as possible, or
 alternatively to give Ian Jackson the necessary technical
 permissions in which case Ian is asked to implement it as soon as
 possible with the Secretary's advice and assistance.

Wichert Akkerman <wichert at> 
A random hacker

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