Resolution 1999-08-19.iwj.1: SPI General Meeting

Nils Lohner lohner at
Thu Aug 19 16:16:29 UTC 1999

The resolution below has been accepted and approved by the SPI Board of 
Directors through email voting on August 19, 1999.

Resolution 1999-08-19.iwj.1
Software in the Public Interest, Inc. General Meeting


1. Software in the Public Interest Inc. is required to hold an Annual
Meeting of its members;

2. This meeting has not yet been held as required;

3. The Board believes that currently the only members of the
organisation are its board members and officers;


3. That the Annual Membership Meeting for 1999 will be held on the
21st of September at 1700 GMT (UTC);

4. That the meeting will be held electronically via Internet Relay
Chat at and linked servers, on #spi-agm;

5. That the Secretary is mandated to make an appropriate announcement
of the meeting, including an appropriate agenda (discussed with the
board as the Secretary sees fit), at least 30 days in advance of the
meeting as required by the bylaws.

6. That members of the board may invite other people to attend the
meeting, subject to review by the board.

Nils Lohner                         Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
E-Mail: lohner at          PO Box 1326 
Secretary <secretary at>   Boston, Ma. 02117 USA

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