Vacancy on the SPI board - call for volunteers to serve as an interim director

Jimmy Kaplowitz president at
Wed Mar 20 05:29:40 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

Martin Michlmayr resigned from the SPI board on March 13, creating a
vacancy. (There is no change to the contract between SPI and him which
was previously discussed on spi-general.)

This email is to solicit interest from SPI contributing members who may
be interested in serving as an interim director appointed by the board
through the upcoming July 2019 SPI board elections.

Minimum requirements:
* Be an SPI contributing member. If you're an active member of an SPI
  associated project but not yet of SPI, you can sign up for free at and then request contributing membership
  on that basis.
* Have reached the age of majority (adulthood) where you live, and at
  least 18 years old regardless of local law.
* Be able to attend SPI board meetings for up to 1 hour on the second
  Monday of each month April-July at 20:00 UTC, via IRC and (due to an
  odd requirement of our governing law) also by audio conference.
* Be responsive to discussions on the board mailing list and to attempts
  to discuss with you directly via email or IRC.

Strongly preferred:
* Be able to assist with various board tasks between meetings. For
  example, engaging in discussions with members and associated projects,
  overseeing contractors, assisting with financial matters.
* Be available for occasional real-time collaboration outside of
  meetings. We realize this is a spare-time volunteer role for people
  with busy lives and jobs, but sometimes this is necessary to
  accomplish tasks.

Nice to have:
* Be interested in running for election to a full board term in the July
  2019 SPI board elections. There will be seats available expiring in
  July 2022; if the currently ongoing vote on the proposed replacement
  bylaws leads to their approval, some of the seats will expire in July
  2020 and/or July 2021 due to transitional provisions.
* Be available to travel to New York City at SPI's expense once or twice
  per year for face-to-face meetings of the board, and possibly, of the
  treasury team. These are most likely to happen in September or October
  and, if useful, in February.

If interested, please email board at to discuss. Thanks!

Also, if you meet the above conditions but will not be available until
July, please contact us anyway so that we can encourage you to run for
the SPI board of directors in the annual election! :)

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
jimmy at

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